Larry Ross: Lead Guitar

Larry has been playing guitar in local rock bands since his teens. He is a former member of such notable bands as Illusion, Surrender, and Just Push Play. Larry can be heard playing guitar on recording artist OTHRs first CD “In Your Sights”.



Lisa Gold: Lead Vocals

Lisa is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory with a BFA in music & dance. She was the lead singer for one of the most popular female-led rock bands in the region, Cult of Aphrodite, performing in over 200 shows. Her Rock and Ballad singing style define her talent. Lisa can be heard on her recent Rock Single “Experiment” (2015) and her soon-to-be-released EP album.


Chris Capra: Guitar / Vocals

Chris brings vast experience to CRUSH on guitar and vocals. He was first inspired to learn guitar after watching Johnny Cash on TV and has been active in the Hudson Valley music scene for many years covering classic, modern & heavy rock, punk and alternative music. Throughout the 90’s, he wrote original material and covered new and older music. Chris has been in several notable bands such as The Big Five-Oh!, The Unamed, Freak Axident and Them.


Mark Jacobs: Bass / Vocals

Since Mark was a little tot, he has loved rock and roll, blues, R&B, and soul. At age 15 he was recruited to play bass in a local band because he was the only one who owned a bass, igniting his passion for the instrument and performing live. Mark joined the Livin’ the Blues Band in 2008 where he played bass alongside NY Blues Hall of Fame musicians, Hap Moore and Jack Bernice. Prior to joining CRUSH he teamed up with some local musicians to play in Karma, an eclectic mix of funk, rock, and disco. Mark also takes part in many charity music projects.


Brian Rodgers: Drums / Vocals

Brian hails from Blooming Grove, NY and has more than 25 years of experience playing many genres of music. He played with Plan A, Xcalibur band, The Vibe, and The Breakers before jumping at the opportunity to hold down the beat for CRUSH. Brian’s focus is on providing a succinct, solid beat for any given situation. In his spare time, he enjoys collecting Schwinn Stingray bicycles, action figures, Tonka trucks and drums.





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